Conference Directors

Dr. Mamoon Al-Basheer
(International co-ordinator)

Dr. Rani Al-Agha
(Local co-ordinator)

Dr. Muneer nazal
(International co-ordinator)

Main Focus
1. Epidemiology of Diabetes
2. Diabetes in the middle east
3. Diabetic complications
4. Chronic limb ischemia
5. Amputation prevention
6. Interventional vascular procedures
7. Limb surgical bypasses
8. Atherectomy devices
9. Endovascular interventions
10. Chronic wounds
11. Wound management for nurses
12. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
13. Negative pressure therapy
14. Stem cell therapy
15. Limb trauma and war injuries
16. Innovations in wound care
17. Hemostasis & Thrombosis
18. Complementary Medicine in Wound Healing

Targeted Audance
1. General practitioners
2. General surgeons
3. Vascular surgeons
4. Endocrinologists
5. Diabetologist
6. Wound specialist
7. Interns
8. Surgical residents
9. Rehabilitation specialist
10. Specialist nurses
11. Podiatrists
Scientific commiittee
Dr Aamer Al Durazi (Chairman)
Dr Ali Dhaif (Member)
Dr Hussain Al Aradi (Member)
Dr Jasem AL Aradi (Member)
Dr Hussain Adnan (Member)
Orgnization commiittee
Dr. Sherif Khashaba (Chairman)
Dr. Noor Al- Hammadi (Member)
Dr. Mohamed Ayed (Member)
Dr Asma Al Qaseer (Member)
Workshop commiittee
Dr. Noor Janahi (Chairman)
Dr. Ghassan Salman (Member)
Dr. Osama Bader (Member)
Dr. Layla Al Awad (Member)
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